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Holistic Health and Functional Wellness Coach

Hello, I'm Tessa!  I am a wife, an Autism/ADHD mama, a mom to furry friends, a student, a teacher, and an autoimmune warrior.  My happy and my purpose is to help as many people possible by creating hope, health, and healing during a time when they feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed after receiving a medical diagnosis OR are searching for one. 

Health is important, yet exhausting and confusing.  No longer do doctors have time to thoroughly explain a diagnosis, let alone spend the extra time you need and deserve during your healing process. 


Yes I said healing, because in most situations your symptoms are not the actual diagnosis. 

  • Eczema/Acne are a symptom of something bigger.

  • Food intolerances, a symptom.

  • Anxiety and depression, a symptom that in many cases can be eliminated or greatly reduced when discovering the root cause. 

  • Fatigue, Brain fog...symptoms.

  • Headaches, Hives, Pain....all symptoms.

  • And the list goes on and on.

Whether you have a diagnosis from your physician or are trying to figure out how to get one , I am here for YOU.  I am that person that will have your back, and your best interest at heart.

I am here to fill the gap. The gap between the clinician and you.  To play a collaborative role in assisting your process through it all and assisting you to employ the protocol that fits you and your lifestyle best.  Proper supplementation, diet, gratitude journalling, toxin reduction, therapeutic essential oils, and more will be tailored to fit your needs, exactly how YOU need them to be. 

Consultations are done primarily through Zoom calls and email.  I look forward to talking about the health, wellness and clinical issues affecting you. 

If you are ready to begin the next steps in your healing journey, please contact me to schedule your intake appointment. Please note your initial appointment will only be for the collection of your history and then 5-7 days later, we will "meet" again and work on creating and understanding  your goals along with the perfect plan for your lifestyle.

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